Property domain / range

E5 Event–>P12 occurred in the presence of–>E77 Persistent Item

Parent and ancestor properties

Property namespace identifier Depth Namespace

Child and descendant properties

Property namespace identifier Depth Namespaces
P11 had participant 1
P16 used specific object 1
P25 moved 1
P31 has modified 1
P92 brought into existence 1
P93 took out of existence 1
P111 added 1
P113 removed 1
L12 happened on device 1 crmdig-3-2
Y12 separated from (was diminished through) 1 pressoo-1-2
P13 destroyed 2
P14 carried out by 2
P33 used specific technique 2
P94 has created 2
P95 has formed 2
P96 by mother 2
P98 brought into life 2
P99 dissolved 2
P99 dissolved 2
P100 was death of 2
P108 has produced 2
P108 has produced 2
P110 augmented 2
P111 added 2
P112 diminished 2
P123 resulted in 2
P124 transformed 2
P142 used constituent 2
P143 joined 2
P144 joined with 2
P145 separated 2
P146 separated from 2
P151 was formed from 2
TyRo45 mourir 2 symogih-ongoing
Y14 substituted with (became surrogate through) 2 pressoo-1-2
L10 had input 2 crmdig-3-2
L15 has sender 2 crmdig-3-2
L16 has receiver 2 crmdig-3-2
L18 has modified 2 crmdig-3-2
L23 used software or firmware 2 crmdig-3-2
L7 used warp 2 silknow-ongoing
L9 used weft 2 silknow-ongoing
L10 used yarn 2 silknow-ongoing
Y10 enhanced (was enhanced through) 2 pressoo-1-2
P1 used specific expression (was used for) 2 intellectual-literary-life-ongoing
P22 transferred title to 3
P23 transferred title from 3
P28 custody surrendered by 3
P29 custody received by 3
P135 created type 3
TyRo21_TyIn7 être concerné 3 symogih-ongoing
TyRo45_TyIn26 mourir 3 symogih-ongoing
AP10 destroyed 3 crmarchaeo-1-4-1
L2 used as source 3 crmdig-3-2
L11 had output 3 crmdig-3-2
L13 used parameters 3 crmdig-3-2
L14 transferred 3 crmdig-3-2
L29 has responsible organization 3 crmdig-3-2
L30 has operator 3 crmdig-3-2
L48 created annotation 3 crmdig-3-2
TyRo209_TyIn49 a été construit 3 symogih-ongoing
TyRo209_TyIn49 a été construit 3 symogih-ongoing
TyRo210 est détruit 3 symogih-ongoing
TyRo211 réalise 3 symogih-ongoing
P7 has built 3 maritime-history-ongoing
P7 has built 3 maritime-history-ongoing
P8 shipbuilding carried out by 3 maritime-history-ongoing
P26 is participation of 3 histdmi-generic-ongoing
tt1 test property my test property 1 3 dsi-test-ongoing
on1 had client team (was client team of) 3 dsi-test-ongoing
on2 had executing team (was executing team of) 3 dsi-test-ongoing
on3 was undertaken by (undertook) 3 dsi-test-ongoing
L1 should have used a specific technique (deprecated) 3 silknow-ongoing
L14 used specific weaving technique 3 silknow-ongoing
L16 has woven (deprecated) 3 silknow-ongoing
L16 has woven (deprecated) 3 silknow-ongoing
P2 created manifestation (was created by) 3 intellectual-literary-life-ongoing
L20 has created 4 crmdig-3-2
L21 used as derivation source 4 crmdig-3-2
L22 created derivative 4 crmdig-3-2
L24 created logfile 4 crmdig-3-2
L34 has contractor 4 crmdig-3-2
L35 has commissioner 4 crmdig-3-2
TyRo210_TyIn170 est détruit 4 symogih-ongoing
TyRo211_TyIn170 réalise 4 symogih-ongoing
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