Property domain / range

E70 Thing–>P130 shows features of (features are also found on)–>E70 Thing

Parent and ancestor properties

Property namespace identifier Depth Namespace

Child and descendant properties

Property namespace identifier Depth Namespaces
P73 has translation (is translation of) 1
P128 carries (is carried by) 1
R1 is logical successor of (has successor) 1
R2 is derivative of (has derivative) 1
R31 is reproduction of (has reproduction) 1
P65 shows visual item (is shown by) 2
R4 carriers provided by (comprises carriers of) 2
R6 carries (is carried by) 2
R42 is representative manifestation singleton for (has representative manifestation singleton) 2
L19 stores (is stored on) 2 crmdig-3-2
R41 has representative manifestation product type (is representative manifestation product type for) 3
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