Property domain / range

D7 Digital Machine Event–>L18 has modified–>D13 Digital Information Carrier

Parent and ancestor properties

Property namespace identifier Depth Namespace
P12 occurred in the presence of 2 http://dataforhistory.org/imported_ontology/class/cidoc-crm-base-6-2/
O18 altered (was altered by) 2 http://dataforhistory.org/imported_ontology/cidoc-crm/CRMsci/1/2/3/
P31 has modified 1 http://dataforhistory.org/imported_ontology/class/cidoc-crm-base-6-2/
topObjectProperty 3 http://dataforhistory.org/imported_ontology/owl/2002/07/

Child and descendant properties

Property namespace identifier Depth Namespaces
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