Property domain / range

E7 Activity–>P16 used specific object–>E70 Thing

Parent and ancestor properties

Property namespace identifier Depth Namespace
P15 was influenced by 1 cidoc-crm-base-6-2
P12 occurred in the presence of 1 cidoc-crm-base-6-2

Child and descendant properties

Property namespace identifier Depth Namespaces
P33 used specific technique 1 cidoc-crm-base-6-2
P111 added 1 cidoc-crm-base-6-2
P142 used constituent 1 cidoc-crm-base-6-2
L10 had input 1 crmdig-3-2
L23 used software or firmware 1 crmdig-3-2
L7 used warp 1 silknow-ongoing
L9 used weft 1 silknow-ongoing
L10 used thread 1 silknow-ongoing
L2 used as source 2 crmdig-3-2
L13 used parameters 2 crmdig-3-2
L14 transferred 2 crmdig-3-2
L8 used weave 2 silknow-ongoing
L21 used as derivation source 3 crmdig-3-2
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