Property domain / range

E2 Temporal Entity–>P1 involves–>E1 CRM Entity

Parent and ancestor properties

Property namespace identifier Depth Namespace

Child and descendant properties

Property namespace identifier Depth Namespaces
P2 has identity defining component 1 histdmi-generic-ongoing
P98 brought into life (was born) 2
P22 pertains to 2 histdmi-generic-ongoing
P1 was a membership of (had a membership) 2 histsocial-ongoing
P13 pertains to 2 histsocial-ongoing
P4 is occupation of (has occupation) 2 histsocial-ongoing
P5 is about (is occupation of) 2 histsocial-ongoing
P21 is state of mind of (has state of mind) 2 histdmi-generic-ongoing
P30 is use by actor (makes use of) 2 histdmi-generic-ongoing
P32 is use of (is used by) 2 histdmi-generic-ongoing
P26 existence pertains to 3 histdmi-generic-ongoing
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