Property domain / range

E1 CRM Entity–>P2 has type (is type of)–>E55 Type

Parent and ancestor properties

Property namespace identifier Depth Namespace

Child and descendant properties

Property namespace identifier Depth Namespaces
P137 exemplifies (is exemplified by) 1
R7 is example of (has example) 1
P19 has location type 1 histdmi-generic-ongoing
P20 has geographical place type 1 histdmi-generic-ongoing
P9 has built work type 1 hist-crm-supplement-ongoing
P8 has event type (is event type of) 1 hist-crm-supplement-ongoing
P7 has group type 1 hist-crm-supplement-ongoing
P6 has manifestation singleton type 1 hist-crm-supplement-ongoing
P5 has type of manifestation product type 1 hist-crm-supplement-ongoing
P4 has expression type 1 hist-crm-supplement-ongoing
socP9 has role 1 crmsoc-ongoing
P5 has expression portion type 1 intellectual-literary-life-ongoing
P8 has web request type 1 geovistory-ongoing
L2 has fabric type 1 silknow-ongoing
L3 has yarn type 1 silknow-ongoing
L5 has twist type 1 silknow-ongoing
L6 has warp type 1 silknow-ongoing
L13 has warping type (deprecated) 1 silknow-ongoing
L15 has weft type 1 silknow-ongoing
P3 has membership type (is membership type of) 1 histsocial-ongoing
P14 has appellation for language type (is appellation for language type of) 1 histdmi-generic-ongoing
P16 has relationship type (is relationship type of) 1 histsocial-ongoing
P21 has type of union (is type of union of) 1 histsocial-ongoing
P1 has type (is type of man-made object) 1 hist-crm-supplement-ongoing
P32 has right or obligation type (is type of) 1 histsocial-ongoing
P12 has step type (is step type of) 1 intellectual-literary-life-ongoing
P13 has procedure type (is procedure type) 1 intellectual-literary-life-ongoing
P29 has use type (is use type of) 1 histdmi-generic-ongoing
Y43 is indicative of (is exemplified by) 1 pressoo-1-2
P19 has identifier type (is identifier type of) 1 hist-crm-supplement-ongoing
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