Property domain / range

E7 Activity–>P33 used specific technique (was used by)–>E29 Design or Procedure

Parent and ancestor properties

Property namespace identifier Depth Namespace
P16 used specific object (was used for) 1
P12 occurred in the presence of (was present at) 2
P15 was influenced by (influenced) 2

Child and descendant properties

Property namespace identifier Depth Namespaces
R25 performed (was performed in) 1
R52 used rule (was the rule used in) 1
L1 should have used a specific technique (deprecated) 1 silknow-ongoing
L14 used specific weaving technique 1 silknow-ongoing
ZP39 invoked (was invoked by) 1 artandarthist-ongoing
ZP40 performed (was performed by) 1 artandarthist-ongoing
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